Michael Paouris

Soloist – Composer – Producer

“The Fastest Bouzouki Player on the Planet Earth!!!” Al Di Meola, Athens 2012

“The complexity of the arrangement and the demanding virtuosity will create for you a unique perspective!”

Michael Paouris, The Composer

Michael Paouris’ new album is here!

“BIRDLAND” (The concerto)

The contemporary concerto for solo Bouzouki and small Bouzouki ensemble. For the 1st time in Bouzouki’s history! For the very first time in contemporary classical music!

37 minutes of the Contemporary Chamber Classical Music.

PART A in C Major: “Birth”
PART B in C Major: “The Flicker”
PART C in A Minor: “Struggle on the Vertical Horizon”
PART D in C Minor: “Arrival”

Composing and Arrangement by Michael Paouris

Mixing – Mastering by Boris Milan